"Working with the Community for the Community."

Ceres Community Foundation

  • Amphitheater Construction
  • Ceres Garden Club
  • Ceres Historical Society
  • Ceres River Bluff Regional Park




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H2O Aerobics

The citizens who formed the Foundation wanted a way to contribute to their community and to qualify for federal and state tax deductions for their contributions.  

The Ceres Community Foundation is a non-profit, public benefit corporation formed by a group of Ceres Citizens to improve the quality of life for Ceres area residents. The Foundation’s purpose is to enhance cultural, recreational, historical, and artistic opportunities, The Foundation...read more

Our Mission

  • Ceres Community Center Maintenance
  • Howard Stevenson Memorial
  • Memorial Tree Grove
  • Many more...

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Working with the community for the community.

Helping shape our community by helping those who shape our community.  

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Memorial Tree Grove

Memorial Tree Grove in Symrna Park in Central Ceres.